Our Policies

You will be required to fill in your full name, email address, store information, and other information. When you purchase the subscription, your eCommerce store will be connected to the Lead Ninja.
The sharing of login information with non-account third parties is strictly prohibited, the publisher reserves the right to charge a fine without any proven damage against a user who has shared his login information with a third-party site.
The user must pay the subscription for the Lead Ninja no later than five days from the invoice sent by the site owner. The Lead Ninja user undertakes not to upload the products recommended by the site owner to his / her stores and / or other stores and / or share them with one or another third party.
The price displayed on the site as a recommended sale price is for recommendation purposes only, and the site owner is not responsible for profit or loss as a result of using this price.
For receiving the services from the Lead Ninja, viewing the content of the site, including receiving recommendations of leads, the site owner will charge compensation of 6% + VAT from the actual sales cycle in your eCommerce Store. (hereinafter: “the consideration”).
The site owner reserves the right to inspect or track order details in order to get sales report as well for the purpose of enforcing the Terms of Use and preventing its infringement.
The proceeds will be paid every 10 days, according to the sales report produced at your eCommerce store (s).
The site owner also reserves the right to check and / or track Amazon payment dates, and detail the health of your Amazon account. If the site user decides to disconnect the site owner’s access to the user’s sales store, the site owner may unsubscribe you from the site.
It is clarified that the publisher does not perform intellectual property tests, and / or tests relating to the correctness of the products, vendor approvals and the like. You acknowledge and understand that your use of these recommendations is your sole responsibility, and you must verify that these products and / or suppliers meet the legal requirements, meet your needs, and your business operations.
You also acknowledge that
– The publisher does not warrant that the vendor will keep the stock of the products offered on the site.
– Once fees are paid of the 10 days, if order is refunded/cancelled there will not be any refund of it, it is your responsibility.
– If user found to be selling our product and not paying the fees, leadninja has full rights to take action to user from any way.
– The publisher is not responsible for the prices of the vendor’s products and the vendor’s delivery times.
– The publisher will make the best efforts and ensure that the product offered is compatible with existing Amazon listing. However, because the publisher is not the supplier of the products, he does not warrant that the product provided is completely identical to the product described in Amazon Listing. You must perform tests independently to make sure the product is 100% compatible with the listing, as required on the Amazon (and other eCommerce store/platform).
– The publisher is not responsible for deleting or suspending listing / account by Amazon or any other eCommerce store.
Customer service by the website owner and / or on his behalf is only a recommendation, and the website owner is not responsible for any damage caused by the recommendation / advice of the customer service.