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How do I join?
Fill out the form at the bottom of the homepage and we will notify you shortly if you are accepted
How many different brands do you share?
We have typically posted over 100 different brands per month. New brands usually mean less competition. We’re on the hunt and let our members know when we find them.
Do you include shipping or prep fees as part of cost of good sold when you calculate the margins for your leads?
Yes, we do but keep it in mind. Everyone has different prep and ship situations, and everyday prep fees changes so you MUST recheck the everything.
How often will my account be charged?
We charge the account on every 10 days. We accept Paypal. For other payment method, you will have to talk with our team members.
How do I cancel my membership?
To cancel your membership, please email or log into your user portal and send us the message via live chat. Your cancellation will be effective at the end of your current cycle. It will not renew the following days. We do not offer cancelations on active 10 days subscription.
Are these leads in unrestricted categories and brands?
Our lists include a wide variety of brands and categories. Some brands and categories may be restricted for your particular Amazon account, as everyone has different account privileges. It’s impossible for us to customize the lead list to fit your exact needs, so it’s important that you work within your account parameters. We always encourage Amazon sellers to get ungated in as many categories and brands as possible, as there are way less sellers and much higher margins. You can find ungating services by asking around in Facebook group or searching Google if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Most leads are within the Clothing, Shoes, Health, Beauty, Vitamin, Home, and Kitchen categories. We do not include leads to brands with known intellectual property alerts.
How do I contact Lead Ninja?
Send an email to or message using the live chat located in the user portal.