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WHY Lead Ninja?

Expert Sourcing

Our team finds only the highest quality products that will sell. We set our standards very high as our success is solely based on the success of our customers. We factor in things like sales, ROI, profit, competition and rank

Cut Out Stress

Eliminate the risk having to source products yourself – let alone the risk that comes with hiring, managing and paying employees to do it for you

Daily New Opportunities

Our lists are sent out every Monday through Friday. We provide a consistent daily stream of products which will allow you to quickly build your inventory. Start waking up to profits, sign up now!

24 Hour Customer Support

There’s no reason your business should ever close – with us, you’re always open. We reply within 24 hours Monday – Friday

Less Competition

We limit our online arbitrage lists to a maximum of 45 sellers so that competition doesn’t drive down opportunity

Help you understand dropship better

You’ll receive tons of free handouts, templates, and guides that you’ll be able to reference if you have any questions

Virtual Assistant on Demand

No time to manage the store yourself? Our professionally trained* virtual assistant is here to help!

Part Or Full Time

Gain an additional income in just 4 hours a week or scale to full time income.


All deals are easy to access online with no software to install or spreadsheets to download.

and many more!

Make more money

Bring more money in from your business with less work. Once you sign up you’ll get your first list soon after. You then can jump right in and start buying products. With as many as 70+ products a week, our lists will help you build inventory in no time.

The products we provide for you sell well. Inventory piling up and collecting dust will be a thing of the past.

Why Amazon Arbitrage?

Even in a mature market where there are a number of third party sellers listing products on Amazon, there is still no where else like it. At the click of a few buttons you can have yourself set up as an Amazon Seller with immediate access to the 206 million people who visit Amazon each month.

We are here to help you with getting set up, providing guidance based on our years of experience and recommend tools which we feel are currently best in market.

The key to profitable trading is sourcing the right products in the first place. Traditional retail arbitrage, which involves visiting a physical bricks and mortar store, takes a ton of time. After sourcing for even a single potential product, you have to cross-check the item through Amazon, calculate shipping costs, check for other sellers, check the sales rank of the product… et cetera, et cetera.

Even if you’re a Retail Arbitrage expert, this is still an unavoidable process, even if you find ways to avoid the full process and cut corners. It is also simply difficult to properly scale, as you are going to find yourself limited by the number of stores you can actually visit.


Help you succeed selling on Amazon

The reason why Lead Ninja got set up was because when we got started doing Dropshipping on Amazon and we were clueless. What to do, what we should avoid. What to say, what to do when mistake happens.

And we made a lot of costly mistakes along the way and gained experience.

From programs to leads lists, to buying the wrong products, to add the item with the wrong price, to reply to the customer… you name it and we’ve done it!

So when we were at a point we could call ourselves experts in failing upwards regarding Dropshipping it was a no-brainer… we had to find a way to help people avoid making the same mistakes we did. 

That’s why Lead Ninja is here for you!

Helping you succeed doing Dropshipping on Amazon without spending your valuable time on va’s, software, etc.

Relieve yourself from the daily time spending and frustration of sourcing profitable product opportunities on your own, let our experts do it for you

If our leads don’t make you money, we don’t make money, right?

Happy Customers:

Steven Hughes


I had my own VA for a while but wasn’t that impressed with their work, much happier now I’m using this service!

Brent Simon


Really impressed with the service so far! Profitable items every day and makes life a lot easier.

Simon Bay


Leads are awesome! I strongly recommend them hands down. My past month’s sales have doubled.

Kate Kelly


The pricing is fantastic, and gives you real scope to make some serious profit.

5 + 10 =



How do I join?
Fill out the form at the bottom of the homepage and we will notify you shortly if you are accepted
How many different brands do you share?
We have typically posted over 100 different brands per month. New brands usually mean less competition. We’re on the hunt and let our members know when we find them.
Do you include shipping or prep fees as part of cost of good sold when you calculate the margins for your leads?
Yes, we do but keep it in mind. Everyone has different prep and ship situations, and everyday prep fees changes so you MUST recheck the everything.
How often will my account be charged?
We charge the account on every 10 days. We accept Paypal. For other payment method, you will have to talk with our team members.
How do I cancel my membership?
To cancel your membership, please email support@leadninja.net or log into your user portal and send us the message via live chat. Your cancellation will be effective at the end of your current cycle. It will not renew the following days. We do not offer cancelations on active 10 days subscription.
Are these leads in unrestricted categories and brands?
Our lists include a wide variety of brands and categories. Some brands and categories may be restricted for your particular Amazon account, as everyone has different account privileges. It’s impossible for us to customize the lead list to fit your exact needs, so it’s important that you work within your account parameters. We always encourage Amazon sellers to get ungated in as many categories and brands as possible, as there are way less sellers and much higher margins. You can find ungating services by asking around in Facebook group or searching Google if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Most leads are within the Clothing, Shoes, Health, Beauty, Vitamin, Home, and Kitchen categories. We do not include leads to brands with known intellectual property alerts.
How do I contact Lead Ninja?
Send an email to support@leadninja.net or message using the live chat located in the user portal.



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Amaz-Drop V2.0

Dropshipping Suppliers Price Monitor For Amazon

  • Tracks product price, and stock every 30 minutes
  • Effortlessly keeps your Amazon inventory levels in sync with supplier stock.
  • Integrates with our repricing software to help keep your listings in the buy box
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